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You don’t have to be alone

Drawing on my experience and training, I work with many people struggling with a broad range of concerns. I invite you to talk about what is weighing on you.

These are some of the issues I regularly help with during my private counselling and psychotherapy sessions:

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Depression and Emotional Crisis

The dark, frightening hole of depression can often feel lifeless and empty. You may be suffering from sleepless nights, a lack of appetite or overeating, and struggling to experience life’s joyful moments. Depression may leave you feeling hopeless, sad and listless. You may feel unable to move from your bed or couch, or like you are watching life from a distance, while a part of you is yearning to join the things and people you love.

Depression can be a sign that you are not living your life in alignment with your values and needs. As a therapist, I can help you identify the underlying causes, and help you gradually move forward.

Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety can be crippling and make daily life almost impossible to cope with. It is often the feeling that something dangerous may happen, and can lead to overwhelming worry and fear.

Anxiety may reveal underlying fears, and uncovering these may help you move forward with your life again. That prospect can be daunting and it may feel easier to continue avoiding what you fear. Facing the causes of your anxiety in a reliable, safe and confidential space at your own pace can slowly help you gain confidence and emotional resilience.

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Trauma and Abuse

Sexual, physical, emotional or psychological abuse and neglect, whether experienced in childhood or as an adult, can impact on all aspects of your life, including work, relationships and health, and your enjoyment of everyday activities. You may find yourself feeling disconnected, numb, or unable to trust others. You may feel anxiety and anger, or a constant threat of danger, accompanied by frightening flashbacks or nightmares, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about painful and often traumatic experiences.

Most people who go through terrifying experiences have difficulty adjusting and coping with them. You do not have to face the symptoms of trauma and abuse alone. Therapy can help you explore and process the impact of your painful experiences, take charge of your life, and support you in achieving lasting change.

Relationship Difficulties

Relationships can hold the most meaningful experiences of your life, and also be the greatest source of conflict. Whether the conflict is with a spouse, relative, child, friend or colleague, stressful relationships can greatly affect you. Relationship problems  can cause significant distress and may lead to anxiety, depression and even affect your immune system, causing illness or physical pain.

Family and upbringing play an important role in how you relate to others. The pain of loneliness and social rejection can be difficult to manage on your own. Having a therapist by your side, to help you work through and process the difficulties, lets you become clearer about the source of stress and the patterns in your relationships.

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The death of a loved one, loss of a job or the ending of a relationship can be difficult to experience. Feelings of sadness and grief are normal and a natural emotional reaction to loss or change.

During these times, you may find yourself facing conflicting feelings, including anger, sadness, despair, relief, guilt and anxiety. Untangling this rollercoaster of feelings can be daunting and overwhelming. I can help you make sense of it , accompany you through the ebb and flow of grieving, and work through engaging with life again in whatever ways make sense to you.

Irritability and Anger

It starts with a routine annoyance – the house is a mess again or another driver cuts you off. Your jaw clenches, your pulse quickens and annoyance swiftly escalates to an explosion of rage. Irritation and anger are normal responses to certain provocations, but sometimes these responses can feel overwhelming.

It may be that your life experience reflects difficulties, losses and conflicts on a deeper level. Therapy offers you the opportunity to develop the skills and capacity to help manage anger and rage, and to explore its underlying causes.

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Stress and Burn-out

The demands of family, work and social expectations, even social media, can leave you feeling completely drained or overwhelmed.

At times, it is essential that you find someone who can help you recognise the warning signs of burn-out, and understand your triggers. Your present dilemma may be related to your earlier frustrations and stress. I can help you identify the choices you may need to make to reduce the demands on you, build your resilience, and recognise the patterns that may contribute to your stress levels.

If you’re having difficulties, therapy might be helpful.

I provide private counselling and psychotherapy services in Auckland.
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